Ohio Energy Choice

Ohio energy choice allows consumers to shop for alternative electricity and natural gas suppliers, providing them with more control over their energy costs. Using this option can help Ohio residents from homeowners to large manufacturers save money on their monthly energy rates, and can also access more services, features and offers than are typically available through their local utility company.

Prior to energy deregulation, local utility companies monopolized the delivery of natural gas and electricity to homes and businesses. The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) regulated service and set rates to cover utility expenses and earn a fixed profit margin. As a result of energy deregulation, apples to apples ohio consumers are now able to select their own electric supplier and contract term.

This new option provides a variety of competitive energy plans for both commercial and residential customers, from small retail providers to large wholesale suppliers. Consumers may choose fixed-rate plans that offer a constant supply rate regardless of seasonal changes in the marketplace or variable plans that allow for a higher or lower energy rate depending on market conditions. The plan terms available to Ohio customers range from month-to-month contracts to longer-term contracts of up to three years.

Choosing the right ohio energy supplier can be challenging. Many customers are unfamiliar with the process and unsure of how to start shopping for a better deal. For this reason, it is important for Ohio residents to educate themselves on their current energy options and the benefits of switching providers.

Once a resident has found a competitive supplier, they must register with their local utility to begin purchasing power through their chosen provider. The local utility will still continue to bill the customer and will simply reflect the charges from the new supplier on the bill. Those who wish to stay with their local utility can do so, but most choose to take advantage of the benefits of Ohio energy choice and shop around for more competitive electricity and natural gas rates.

As a result of energy deregulation, the state of Ohio now has more choices than ever before. With this freedom, ohio residents can make a positive environmental impact while saving money on their monthly rates. By selecting a green energy plan, residents can ensure they are buying renewable or sustainable energy that helps protect the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to offering competitive electricity and natural gas rates, Ohio energy suppliers like Constellation can provide their customers with a wide selection of green energy options. These plans allow consumers to buy energy that is sourced from clean, sustainable sources like wind and solar. These plans also come with a variety of other green features and benefits.

As a residential consumer in Ohio, you have the opportunity to use the PUCO’s Apples to Apples tool to compare electric rates and find the best option for your home. The comparison chart is a great resource for homeowners because it requires Ohio energy suppliers to publish their residential prices. However, commercial rates are not published on the tool and it can be difficult for business owners to compare rates when shopping.